Nightingales Dementia Day Care Centre

TBI Blogs: This Initiative Is Improving Lives of Dementia Patients and Their Caregivers in Bangalore

Dementia can be a severely debilitating disease for the patient, as well as for close family members who suddenly find their lives focussed exclusively on taking care of the patient. A Bangalore-based initiative hopes to give some respite to families struggling through such situations, in the form of Day Care Centres for dementia patients.
The core team of Grandma Wicks - (From Left) Lakshmi Menon, her Mother , Sreedevi and Grandmother, Bhavaniamma. Together they handle all functions like sorting, packing, quality control, marketing, etc.

TBI Diwali Special: Granny ‘Wicksdom’ – Wicks that light up the 100 Watt Smiles

Old age is revered here. Granny wisdom and the art of making wicks is celebrated at Wicksdom (Grandma Wicks). It is a passion that the Wicksdom project has tapped in order to not only provide a means of survival, but also to help the aged people live a life resplendent with dignity and happiness. Read about the bright idea here.