MY STORY: How I Helped Build a Road in a Naxalite Affected District of Odisha

The Garadama panchayat and its people had seen a lot of violence by the Naxals and Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF). They had also seen extreme poverty. But beyond all this, they had seen the helpless attitude of the administration and the corruption of the politicians — as a result of which no development took place in their area despite funds being sanctioned by the Centre.

How The Bhil Tribe Is Moving From Starvation To Progress Through Entrepreneurship

One of the most ignored communities in the country, here's how the Bhils of Madhya Pradesh are gradually moving towards a better life with a little help from NGOs and micro loans. From growing vegetables and earning higher incomes to sending their kids to school and becoming micro entrepreneurs, these traditional warrior tribes are changing their way of life to be able to survive in the competitive world.
skilled saamartians

Here’s How YOU Can Bring Solar Power To This Village And Light Up The Lives Of Its People!

Want to contribute to change, literally? You can help Skilled Samaritan raise funds to install solar lights in a village in India. A team of highly qualified members who have left their jobs to help the much ignored communities in villages. Read their story and how they are making a difference - and how you can too!