Herds of deer were seen skipping about

India’s Only Man-Made Sanctuary – A Green Dream That Took 15 Years To Sprout!

Read how one man's vision and perseverance led to the creation on India's only man-made sanctuary. It took 15 years of convincing villagers and enlisting their participation, but the beautiful forest is now replete with fauna and flora. Although the man is no longer among us, his legacy still exists for all to see, appreciate and enjoy. Truly, a life well spent!
Vikramjit Singh Rooprai

TBI Heritage: Vikramjit Singh Rooprai – Someone Who Cares For The Monuments Of Delhi

Not many of us know that there are more than 1300 monuments in and around New Delhi! And more importantly, there are only a few who care for the 3 World Heritage Sites, 174 National Protected Monuments and over hundreds of state protected monuments and several unprotected and lesser known monuments of this historical and epical city. Today we proudly feature someone who cares; presenting Vikramjit Singh Rooprai – the creator of www.monumentsofdelhi.com
Another endemic plateau specialist Pleocaulus sessilis, known as Topli Karvi locally

TBI Travel & Conservation: Kaas – Maharashtra’s Very Own ‘Valley Of Flowers’

Kaas is Maharashtra’s own Valley of Flowers. But unlike its namesake in the Himalayas which is accessible only after an arduous trek, Kaas is at an easily motorable distance from Mumbai and other places. It is this easy accessibility that’s the bane of Kaas. And it is in this context that the conservation efforts of a few dedicated people become extremely significant.
Abdul Kareem - The man who made a forest in Kasargod, Kerala

TBI Heroes: Abdul Kareem – The Man Who Planted a Forest

Jean Giono’s 1953 story, ‘The Man Who Planted Trees’ tells the tale of a shepherd named Elzeard Bouffier, who planted trees all along an Alpine Valley to recreate a desolate forest. Whether Bouffier ever existed in reality or not, we may never know. But in Kasargod district of Kerala, there lives a man in flesh and blood who actually did this - a man who bought 32 acres of barren land and planted a forest there - all by himself! Read more
A bouquet of Blue Tiger butterflies.

TBI Travel: KOYNA – A Sanctuary Caught Between Preservation and Destruction

Join us in a visual tour of Koyna, a beautiful sanctuary nestled in the Western Ghats, in the Satara district of Maharshtra, where you could be fortunate to witness a breathtaking variety of flora and fauna such as the Indian Bengal tiger, Indian bison, leopards, barking deer, along with a wonderful selection of birds and snakes. Be with us as we identify the threats facing this fragile eco-system and applaud the effort of a few good souls to preserve the ecological gem.
A view of the two acre lake at Oddoor farms, Mangalore

Transforming 120 acres of barren land into a self-sufficient organic farm: The story of Rajesh Naik and Oddoor farms

A visit to Oddoor farms near Mangalore, Karnataka, provides an inspiring example of the efforts made by Rajesh Naik to transform 120 acres of barren land into a lush green farm through his persistent efforts of creating a 2 acre wide and 50 feet deep lake, which has not only transformed the surrounding area, but has also helped in improving the water table in the surrounding village, besides helping in the development of a self sufficient organic farm and a dairy.
The most heartening thing about this enchanting village is that a local conservation committee, with generous help from the nearby villages, takes great pains to keep this amazing piece of history intact. The deserted village lanes are broomed every day, and mindless picnickers are prevented from scrawling on these hallowed walls!

TBI Photo Essay: Kuldhara – The Deserted Enigma

Today, join us as we explore a mysterious ruins, and try to unravel the baffling secret that led people living for five centuries in 82 villages to just pack up and leave overnight! Enter the world of the unknown at Kuldhara in Rajasthan. Shrouded in enigma and surrounded by myths, this is a place that lights up the darkest recesses of our imagination!
Mr Sharma with an elder in Old Age Home

TBI Heroes: Vidya Rattan Sharma – Incorporating Modern Ways To Solve Age-Old Problems

This is the story of a remarkable man, Mr. Vidya Rattan Sharma, who started as a cook in a local NGO, and went on to create several innovative products in the area of cooking stoves, traditional medicine, organic farming and animal husbandry. His passion for finding solutions to centuries-old problems and determination to carry on his work even in the face of resistance or lack of resources is an inspiration to all.
Women stitching the cloth napkins at the facility in Auroville, Pondicherry

The Honeycomb Effect: Small Causes, Small Changes – Big Impact [Part 2]

Continuing our changemakers series, here we present to you a very diverse bunch of people - an apartment owner who composts her kitchen waste, village women who stitch washable sanitary napkins and a traditional honey hunter in the Nilgiris. What can they have in common? They are all social and ecological entrepreneurs, and this is how they are making a difference.