TBI Blogs: These Smart School Students Used RTI & Civic Knowledge to Solve a Water Crisis in Their Community!

India is one of the largest democracies in the world. There are multiple tools available that let citizens take charge by participating in decision-making and challenging corrupt and arbitrary actions at all levels. One of the simplest is to file applications on issues to the relevant authority and follow up with RTIs to reach a resolution.
Ludhiana tree planting drive

How Citizens Of Ludhiana Came Together And Planted 1,50,000 Saplings In One Hour!

Now this is called taking matters into your own hands. Ludhiana was tagged as "the most polluted city in the country". To get rid of this tag, the residents of the city started a tree plantation drive, managing to plant around 1.5 lakh saplings within an hour! The interesting thing is - they might get their name in the Guinness book of World Records for this. Know more about the initiative and how they did it.
Jasmin, 12, a Class Eight student, wants her elected representative to provide safe drinking water near her Science Park 'basti' so that she doesn't have to stand in line for hours at a tap a long distance away from her home and end up being late for her classes. (Credit: Sarada Lahangir\WFS)

They Can’t Vote. But They Still Know What They Want From These Elections. This Is The Children’s Manifesto!

At an age when most children are interested in their toys and gadgets, these kids from slums in Bhubaneshwar are dealing with real life problems and have clear thoughts on what they want from their elected leaders. What's more, they have also drawn up a manifesto for their demands! Find out what they want and what the politicians think.

Community Catalysts – Harnessing The Power Of Gated Communities

Change is possible only if each of us accepts our responsibilities and it gets even better when your entire community is willing to support and stand by you. The idea of harnessing the power of gated communities may not seem like much, but the change it has wrought in the lives of 1000-odd families in this apartment complex is indeed remarkable.