Hari Balaji

For the Love of Country: This NRI Came Back to Help India Increase Its Disaster Preparedness

We sometimes hear of NRIs who leave their lucrative jobs in foreign lands and return to India to serve the needy. But have you heard of anyone who cancelled his green card process, left a full-fledged career as general manager of an international hotel chain in the US, studied again to make a new beginning, and returned to India with a new mission in mind? Meet Hari Balaji, US-returned hotelier turned humanitarian, who wants to create a ‘disaster resilient India.’

Everyone Should Have a Last Day at Work Like This 60-Year-Old Liftman

When was the last time you smiled at a liftman or returned the morning wish of a watchman? Appreciated the kind people who are at your service even when you don’t notice them? These college students from Delhi did something remarkable for a liftman who had been with their institution for 34 years. And, in the process, sent an important message to the rest of us as well.

At Birth, Doctors Gave Her 100 Hours to Live. Today She Is 16, an Author, Radio Host & More!

Muskan was born with a hole in her heart, underdeveloped lungs, partial paralysis, and several other disorders. Doctors said she wouldn’t live for more than 100 hours. Muskan is 16 now and an inspiration to thousands of people. She has authored two books, is a motivational speaker, a radio show host, and much more. This is the story of her indomitable spirit.