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Birds Also Suffer from Paralysis, Chicken Pox & More. And Go to This Hospital for Free Treatment.

Birds suffer from respiratory diseases, they get paralysis, some suffer from rickets and little baby birds are prone to chickenpox in summer.... these are some of the problems that are dealt with on a daily basis by the doctors and the group of humans with large hearts, who are the founder board members of the Charity Bird Hospital at Gurgaon.

She Made a 35 Kg Chocolate Ganesha & Distributed It to Poor Kids. But That’s Not All She’s Done.

Meet Rintu, the designer turned home-baker who made a very special Ganesha idol this year - an idol made of chocolate which served the larger purpose of feeding many underprivileged children in Mumbai. Here are seven more amazing things to know about her, and the great work she does to contribute to the betterment of the society in her own way.

Corporate Initiative: Help Atmaram And His Sheep Survive Harsh Winters (Tata Capital’s ‘Half Stories’ Series)

Tata Capital Limited has recently launched an initiative that connects with individuals and communities living in some of the remotest parts of the country and brings to light their unique stories, dreams and challenges. Called ‘Half Stories – The Journey of Doing Right’ because the other half of the story is going to be scripted by ordinary people like you and me, who can come forward to help the people in need realise their dreams and improve their lives. Read how you can be a part of this.
Home Care Facility given by CanSupport

CanSupport: Care And Support For Cancer Patients

CanSupport, a wonderful initiative aiming to enable people with advanced cancer and their families in making informed choices and decisions, has received an overwhelming response for providing appropriate physical, emotional, social and spiritual support to cancer patients and their families. Harmala Gupta, the lady behind the mission, joins us to talk about this dedicated NGO.
Dedicated and strong team of porters carrying supplies to Bhatwari. the mission would be impossible without them

TBI Uttarakhand Diaries: Mountaineers Are Coming Together To Rebuild The Local Community

It has been three months since disaster struck Uttarakhand in June 2013, and the situation is still alarming. However, in Uttarakashi district where there has been widespread property destruction and loss of livelihood, the situation is worse, with not enough food supplies and no doctors to examine the sick. For a population of almost 3.5 lakh people in Uttarkashi, there is not one single woman doctor. The Mountaineering community is still reaching relief supplies such as medicines and food to the far-flung villages on foot as road connectivity is lost. Given this scenario, we here present two initiatives working towards rebuilding the lives of the locals.
The Maharashtra Drought Relief Project has now been renamed to Yuva Foundation

The Maharashtra Drought Relief Project: When Empathy Translates To Action

In March-April 2013, Maharashtra suffered from what was probably the worst drought in 40 years. The people were once again at the receiving end of the wrath of Nature, as it took a heavy toll on the lives of the people on the parched lands. It also led to the formation of a youth organization dedicated to helping the victims and finding long-term solutions. This is what began as the Maharashtra Drought Relief Project, and is now called Yuva Foundation.
The Hospital carries out about 2,200 deliveries every year

SEWA Rural – Taking Development To The Poorest Of Poor In The Remotest Of Remote Villages

When one lives in the city and enjoys excellent health care at one’s beck and call, it is difficult to appreciate the hardships suffered by the poor in remote locations of India. SEWA Rural is an organization that aims at improving the lives of these very deprived people. From healthcare to vocational training, they have been providing holistic development to the needy in Gujarat for 33 years now, and even today, they continue to serve the poor with utmost enthusiasm.
Sevalaya runs the Mahakavi Bharathiyar Higher Secondary School, where Computer education is part of lower classes too

Sevalaya – Service For All

Read about a remarkable organization working from villages in Tamil Nadu, and exemplifying service in its every deed. With various initiatives ranging from orphanages and a school to medical care and an old-age home, it is interesting to note how they manage the many activities, and how these complement each other and come together as one cohesive whole.
Bagiya school in Gurgaon "mainstreams" more than 50 children of construction site workers every year!

TBI Changemakers: Shilpa Sonal – Building A Better Future Through Education

There are innumerable construction sites in our cities, but scarcely any arrangements for the education of the workers' children. Nestled among the landscaped villas and high-rise apartments of Gurgaon, Bagiya is one such school. Here we present an interview with the founder, Shilpa Sonal, to know what made her get started on this mission and what all she has achieved in six short years.