7 Volunteering Opportunities in Goa to Make This Christmas Season Even More Cheerful

Volunteering on a Christmas vacation is the ultimate way to give back and a tribute to the true spirit of the festival. Plant trees, help animals and teach children- here are 7 amazing volunteering opportunities that will help you use your next trip to Goa to make a difference. If you decide to spend Christmas in Goa this year, here are a few amazing volunteer opportunities where you can lend a hand to those in need of help.

Birds Also Suffer from Paralysis, Chicken Pox & More. And Go to This Hospital for Free Treatment.

Birds suffer from respiratory diseases, they get paralysis, some suffer from rickets and little baby birds are prone to chickenpox in summer.... these are some of the problems that are dealt with on a daily basis by the doctors and the group of humans with large hearts, who are the founder board members of the Charity Bird Hospital at Gurgaon.

She Made a 35 Kg Chocolate Ganesha & Distributed It to Poor Kids. But That’s Not All She’s Done.

Meet Rintu, the designer turned home-baker who made a very special Ganesha idol this year - an idol made of chocolate which served the larger purpose of feeding many underprivileged children in Mumbai. Here are seven more amazing things to know about her, and the great work she does to contribute to the betterment of the society in her own way.

Corporate Initiative: Help Atmaram And His Sheep Survive Harsh Winters (Tata Capital’s ‘Half Stories’ Series)

Tata Capital Limited has recently launched an initiative that connects with individuals and communities living in some of the remotest parts of the country and brings to light their unique stories, dreams and challenges. Called ‘Half Stories – The Journey of Doing Right’ because the other half of the story is going to be scripted by ordinary people like you and me, who can come forward to help the people in need realise their dreams and improve their lives. Read how you can be a part of this.