He Designed A Shoe For The Visually Impaired That Vibrates To Show Them The Right Path

Around 300 million people in the world are visually impaired and face difficulties every day in activities as basic as walking. Anirudh Sharma and Krispian Lawrence came up with an interesting idea to simplify the lives of visually impaired people. Read their journey of change and how they designed a special haptic shoe line that helps the blind navigate easily.
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This Brilliant Invention From IIT Delhi May Just Change The Way Blind People Move Around Forever!

SmartCane is one of the best examples of classroom teaching transformed into practical application. This product not only benefits a large section of the society - the blind population, but also shows the power of research and technology in bridging divides and enabling independence. Conceptualized in IIT Delhi, read how this product mobilised global resources and expertise to come into being!
The Hospital carries out about 2,200 deliveries every year

SEWA Rural – Taking Development To The Poorest Of Poor In The Remotest Of Remote Villages

When one lives in the city and enjoys excellent health care at one’s beck and call, it is difficult to appreciate the hardships suffered by the poor in remote locations of India. SEWA Rural is an organization that aims at improving the lives of these very deprived people. From healthcare to vocational training, they have been providing holistic development to the needy in Gujarat for 33 years now, and even today, they continue to serve the poor with utmost enthusiasm.
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Sahyog – A Unique Village For Over A 1000 Deserted People

There are several people our society does not accept willingly. The leprosy-affected and the mentally handicapped are some of them. Imagine an entire village dedicated to them, where they can live freely and without prejudice, and receive loving care and attention from dedicated staff. This is what Sahyog Kushtha Yagna Trust in Gujarat attempts to achieve.
Artificial Limb Distribution Camp

Polio Foundation: A Ray of Hope for the Physically Challenged

Imagine someone who cannot walk and has no hope of even having the gift of walking on his own two feet. Polio Foundation has been relentlessly working for 25 years to bring in a ray of light in such darkened lives! Since its birth in Ahmedabad in 1987, the foundation has been striving to fulfill its objective of aiding the physically handicapped children by way of corrective surgery and giving them necessary appliances so that they can walk on their feet without anybody's assistance. This does not merely bring about physical gratification; it also has tremendous impact upon the psychological development of the child coupled with immense happiness to the family. All treatments, care and calipers are provided without any cost to the patients.
Preeti Monga, now in her 50s, was six years old when her visual disability was first diagnosed. Today, she runs are own organisation that motivates, trains and counsels people with disability. (Courtesy: Preeti Monga)

TBI Inspiring Women: Preeti Monga – Loss of Sight Never Means Saying No To Life

Being blind can be difficult for anyone to accept. In a country like India, it is sometimes all the more demanding due to societal attitudes and lack of access. Preeti Monga has been visually impaired since age six. Here she recounts, in her own words, the challenges she has had to face and the courage she found to not only overcome them, but also start an organization to help persons with disability. Truly, an inspiring woman.
Mohan Foundation staff wearing t-shirts with the message on organ donation, at the start of the Delhi Marathon

The After Life – Promoting Organ Donation In India

Organ donation is still a relatively fledgling concept in India, and people are still grappling its moral, social, religious and other implications in the Indian context. Mohan Foundation has been promoting organ donation since 1997, and helps people understand what it entails - the rewards, the fears and the process. In the end, you could be gifting life to not one but several beneficiaries.