TBI Exclusive: How Academy Award Nominee Bombay Jayashri Is Using Music To Help Autistic Kids

Bombay Jayashri ramnath needs no introduction, apart from working with several international and national artists, this Academy award nominee is doing some amazing work by sharing her art with children with special needs. Know more about her various initiatives in this exclusive interview with TBI and how she is changing lives of many autistic kids.

Waai Is One Of The Rarest Music Genres Of India. And Now You Get To Listen To This Last Waai Artist.

The Waai style of music is possibly the rarest of the rare music genres of India. Meetha Khan is the last Waai artist. He and Jan Mohammad Jat are descendants of the Jat Muslims from Baluchistan who traversed the rugged terrain and colossal distances through Sindh and brought this invaluable genre to Kutch in Gujarat. And this is perhaps your only chance to listen to this form of music. Yes, it's THAT rare!