Watch: Mohan Rao Uncovers Hampi’s 1000 Year-Old Water Management System

Mohan Rao is a landscape architect at IndeDesign. He wanted to explore how to design cities with sustainable water management. On this quest, in Hampi, India, Rao uncovered a reservoir system dating to the Hindu empire of ancient Vijayanagra, circa 1000AD, that had sustained a population of half million (five lakhs) people for hundreds of years with very little rainfall. With the help of the Architectural Survey of India, Rao’s work in Hampi has provided much needed models for water supply management in the development of cities and urban complexes around the globe.
Vikramjit Singh Rooprai

TBI Heritage: Vikramjit Singh Rooprai – Someone Who Cares For The Monuments Of Delhi

Not many of us know that there are more than 1300 monuments in and around New Delhi! And more importantly, there are only a few who care for the 3 World Heritage Sites, 174 National Protected Monuments and over hundreds of state protected monuments and several unprotected and lesser known monuments of this historical and epical city. Today we proudly feature someone who cares; presenting Vikramjit Singh Rooprai – the creator of
The most heartening thing about this enchanting village is that a local conservation committee, with generous help from the nearby villages, takes great pains to keep this amazing piece of history intact. The deserted village lanes are broomed every day, and mindless picnickers are prevented from scrawling on these hallowed walls!

TBI Photo Essay: Kuldhara – The Deserted Enigma

Today, join us as we explore a mysterious ruins, and try to unravel the baffling secret that led people living for five centuries in 82 villages to just pack up and leave overnight! Enter the world of the unknown at Kuldhara in Rajasthan. Shrouded in enigma and surrounded by myths, this is a place that lights up the darkest recesses of our imagination!