TBI Blogs: How I ‘Lived’ the Indian Constitution for 5 Weeks and Came to Understand It Better!

Over 400 Jagriks (Jagruk+Nagriks) have undertaken an arduous journey to better understand the Indian Constitution and its tenets and apply them in their lives, under Samvidhan Live: the Jagrik Project. Kanika Sinha talks about how watching these 400 journeys progress helped her better identify with the Constitution and apply its principles in her life.

ETASHA – Breaking The Cycle of Poverty By Working On Youth Employability

In 2006 ETASHA Society was borne out of the belief that it is very important to help young people in developing new skills, by giving them access to relevant vocational training and connecting them with employers. The NGO has played a great role in enabling the youth to take control of their own careers and lives, and to help their families break out of the cycle of poverty.
Learning computer skills is an essential part of the training

How Taking City Jobs To Rural Shores Is Bringing A Big Leap In The Development Of Indian Villages

RuralShores was started keeping in mind the problems associated with mass migration of rural youth to the cities in search of jobs, both to the individuals and to society as a whole. It focuses on enabling these youth to have access to jobs without leaving the villages. On the whole, this is positively impacting the development of rural parts of India as well as giving stable jobs and incomes to the people.
The Maharashtra Drought Relief Project has now been renamed to Yuva Foundation

The Maharashtra Drought Relief Project: When Empathy Translates To Action

In March-April 2013, Maharashtra suffered from what was probably the worst drought in 40 years. The people were once again at the receiving end of the wrath of Nature, as it took a heavy toll on the lives of the people on the parched lands. It also led to the formation of a youth organization dedicated to helping the victims and finding long-term solutions. This is what began as the Maharashtra Drought Relief Project, and is now called Yuva Foundation.