Once Discriminated Against and Unemployed, These Visually Impaired Masseurs are the Talk of Mumbai Now

From the outside it may look like a regular spa, but step in and you will realize why it is special. The Metta spa, which gets its name from a Pali word translated as ‘loving kindness,’ only hires visually impaired masseurs. And for its kind and special owner, Joanita Figueredo, there is no greater joy than seeing her employees fulfil their ambitions in Mumbai, the city of dreams.

Did You Ever Think A Rural Woman Could Become A Security Guard? She Did!

She left her secure job in an NGO to chase her dream of empowering women. When she started her journey in the social sector, Shravani Pawar had nothing. Now, she runs an organization that has trained over 400 rural women to become security guards. Read her story of success and how she brought a difference in the lives of these women in a job they had never imagined.
Namita Banka

One Woman Is Taking India’s Sanitation Problem Head-On With Some Amazing Solutions

While most of us just complain about the sanitation levels in the country, meet the woman and her team that is doing more than that! Banka Bioloo is working hard to ensure that an eco-friendly toilet can be a reality in most homes in India so that the two major issues facing the country - poor sanitation and open defecation can be effectively combated.
Learning computer skills is an essential part of the training

How Taking City Jobs To Rural Shores Is Bringing A Big Leap In The Development Of Indian Villages

RuralShores was started keeping in mind the problems associated with mass migration of rural youth to the cities in search of jobs, both to the individuals and to society as a whole. It focuses on enabling these youth to have access to jobs without leaving the villages. On the whole, this is positively impacting the development of rural parts of India as well as giving stable jobs and incomes to the people.
Nagaland on the road

TBI Social Enterprise: Kipepeo – Promoting Responsible Tourism In The North East

'Responsible tourism' is a lot more than just "not littering" It is about connecting with the local people and their culture, about leaving the environment in a better state than before, about improving lives of the locals, about giving more than taking, and much more. A travel company in North East India is trying to be 'responsible'. Let's find out how.
The social venture has provided employment to thousands of farmers and curbed migration to cities

TBI Social Enterprise: Green Leaf Energy – A Sapling That Brought A Sea Of Change!

Some stories, some people, some initiatives, make the passersby pause and take note. These are stories of courage, of passion, of change and of unparalleled determination. Kumar Ankit, an alumnus of XLRI Jamshedpur, is an epitome of all that a social entrepreneur needs to be. He is all of 25, but the milestones which he has achieved are not just remarkable but awe-inspiring too. Read on
Dimagi has been applying innovative, scalable, open-source technology solutions to improve community health programs around the world.

TBI Social Enterprises: Dimagi – Applying Intelligence And Innovation To Health Care Solutions

>Dimagi, which means 'of the mind', is a team of intellectually committed professionals who envision applying innovative, scalable, open-source technology solutions to improve community health programs around the world. Here we present the Dimagi founders, Jonathan Jackson and Dr Vikram Sheel Kumar, two enthusiastic young men with Harvard and MIT background.
Community awareness training underway

TBI Innovations: ‘Anandi’ Pads – A Creative And Eco-friendly Solution To An Age-Old Taboo

It is unfortunate that the normal human procedure of menstruation has been regarded as 'impure' and considered taboo for generations of Indians. However, things are changing now, and it is hearty to know that India is at the forefront of disruptive innovations in menstrual hygiene. Here we bring you a 'Bong' duo doing fabulous work in breaking stereotypes and creating a sanitary revolution.