L to R  - Kalki Koechlin and Sabiha Sumar

TBI Blogs: Kalki Koechlin is in a Documentary Made by a Pakistani Filmmaker. And It’s Brilliant!

The India-Pakistan conflict has been a topic of hot debate on both sides of the border. Politicians and media have been accused of sensationalising the topic for personal gains. Now, a Pakistani filmmaker and an Indian actress are teaming up for a documentary that looks at people on the ground in both countries, and their opinions on this polarising topic.

TBI Blogs: Want A Vacation That Takes You Back to the Roots and Transforms Lives? Try Rural Tourism

With its amazing diversity and variety, India is a tourism hotspot and sought after travel destinations for travellers from all across the world. Capitalising on this, and the growth and potential of Rural India, rural tourism has really made its presence felt recently. Shubhda Chaudhary explores this growing tourism sector further.

TBI Blogs: Why 350 People across India Are Stepping out of Their Comfort Zones to Spark Change

A new initiative – Samvidhan Live - The Jagrik Project – is trying to get its participants (Jagriks) to discover more about the Constitution and its tenets through an interactive simulation. Along the way, the Jagriks will undergo a journey of self-realisation and development, and use the lessons they have picked up to change the world.
farmer app

Scientists in Kerala Develop Free App to Help Farmers Work More Efficiently and Cut Costs

Your phone is all you need now to become an expert in farming. An app called [email protected], developed by scientists from Kerala Agricultural University (KAU), promises to directly address many problems faced by farmers in India.