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This Girl On A Wheelchair Is Fighting For The Rights Of Children With Disabilities Globally

Rekha Kumari is not just another girl inflicted with polio since age 2. This 22-year-old daughter of a watchman in Delhi is the key campaigner of "World We Want", an initiative that calls for equal rights and opportunities for children living with disabilities across the globe. She also led the 11-member team of children that took the "children's manifesto" to the UN General Assembly last year. Meet the brave young woman with the never-say-die spirit!
Jasmin, 12, a Class Eight student, wants her elected representative to provide safe drinking water near her Science Park 'basti' so that she doesn't have to stand in line for hours at a tap a long distance away from her home and end up being late for her classes. (Credit: Sarada Lahangir\WFS)

They Can’t Vote. But They Still Know What They Want From These Elections. This Is The Children’s Manifesto!

At an age when most children are interested in their toys and gadgets, these kids from slums in Bhubaneshwar are dealing with real life problems and have clear thoughts on what they want from their elected leaders. What's more, they have also drawn up a manifesto for their demands! Find out what they want and what the politicians think.