Despite Having Two Kids with Special Needs, This Couple Set out to Help Other Parents Like Them

Their own struggle helped them develop empathy towards others. The empathy, in turn, helped them build a solid support system for other parents of children with special needs. This is the inspiring story of K. Madhu Babu and D. Varija, a Dubai-returned couple and their children – a 9-year-old autistic son, Hem Sreesh, and a 7-year-old daughter Varhsini who lives with learning disabilities.

In Photos: How Love, Laughter And Care Can Make A Life Turn Around

Started by Madhu Tugnait, Icha Foundation has been taking care of every need of abandoned children, especially those with disabilities. From healthcare to education and clean clothes, Icha fulfills all their needs. With volunteers, doctors and caretakers treating them like their own kids, these lesser privileged kids now have a reason to smile (or should we say, grin!). Take a peek at the amazing photos that capture the essence of the wonderful cause.
rekha kumari, polio

This Girl On A Wheelchair Is Fighting For The Rights Of Children With Disabilities Globally

Rekha Kumari is not just another girl inflicted with polio since age 2. This 22-year-old daughter of a watchman in Delhi is the key campaigner of "World We Want", an initiative that calls for equal rights and opportunities for children living with disabilities across the globe. She also led the 11-member team of children that took the "children's manifesto" to the UN General Assembly last year. Meet the brave young woman with the never-say-die spirit!
Asha Dijkastra, though raised in Holland, feels a strong connection with Palna where she was nurtured for her first 5 months

DCCW: A Cradle of Hope for Abandoned, Physically or Mentally Challenged Children

Delhi Council for Child Welfare is a Non-Governmental Organization established in 1952. The Council first started its work among children who had been displaced, lost or abandoned in the riots surrounding the Partition of India, providing them care. Today, these services reach over 3000 children daily and are provided virtually free of cost to them.