He Designed A Shoe For The Visually Impaired That Vibrates To Show Them The Right Path

Around 300 million people in the world are visually impaired and face difficulties every day in activities as basic as walking. Anirudh Sharma and Krispian Lawrence came up with an interesting idea to simplify the lives of visually impaired people. Read their journey of change and how they designed a special haptic shoe line that helps the blind navigate easily.
Preeti Monga, now in her 50s, was six years old when her visual disability was first diagnosed. Today, she runs are own organisation that motivates, trains and counsels people with disability. (Courtesy: Preeti Monga)

TBI Inspiring Women: Preeti Monga – Loss of Sight Never Means Saying No To Life

Being blind can be difficult for anyone to accept. In a country like India, it is sometimes all the more demanding due to societal attitudes and lack of access. Preeti Monga has been visually impaired since age six. Here she recounts, in her own words, the challenges she has had to face and the courage she found to not only overcome them, but also start an organization to help persons with disability. Truly, an inspiring woman.