TBI Blogs: These Initiatives Are Giving Hand-Made Products a Fighting Chance by Keeping Them Affordable

Why buy handmade? What difference will it make? Who will it impact? These are just some of the questions that need answering when one discusses hand-crafted goods. There are plenty of reasons to support the handmade movement, and many initiatives, taken by both government and non-governmental institutions, to help the same bloom.

This Start-up Social Enterprise Aims To Change Lives Of 7 Million Artisans In India

India is a country traditionally rich in arts and crafts. Artisans are the backbone of the non-farm rural economy, with an estimated 7 million artisans engaged in craft production. Over the past 30 years, the number of Indian artisans has decreased by 30%. They, then either engage in manual labour work or are unemployed, abandoning their high level of handicraft skills. Srujna is a social enterprise aiming to improve the standard of living of the artisans and also encourage more people to seek crafts as a livelihood option.