TBI Blogs: Forget Your Medication? Here’s an Innovative Solution That Can Make That a Thing of the Past!

Lack of awareness, and general apathy, can sometimes lead to terrible complications for people on a course of medication for a chronic disease. Driven by his own experience, a young Computer Science student from Tamil Nadu has created a new solution to ensure that patients remember to take medications as prescribed, and avoid complications.

Kids Obsessed With Tech? Now Use Apps to Teach Mythology, Geography and More

Talk to any young parent these days, and chances are they’ll launch into a litany of complaints about technology and their losing battle with it. 'If the kids aren't already using a tablet or phone, they spend all their time asking for it,' is a common grievance. But what if you could use your children's obsession with technology to introduce them to Indian mythology, help discover new cities or learn about the world around them? Bulbul Apps helps you do just that.