Santara Devi and members of the Sanjha Gas group of Jogia ka Bas village. Getting a gas connection was a luxury Santara could not afford. Now she gets a monthly income too from the community kitchen as the other women pay her a fixed amount for using the gas connection. (Credit: Abha Sharma\WFS)

Kitchen Kinetics: Cooking Together In Shekhawati

The wonderful tradition of village women gathering around a common oven to make rotis may have become a thing of the past in that state. But the 'sanjha chulha' (community kitchen) has been rekindled in the villages of the Shekhawati region of Rajasthan, albeit with a small modification. Keeping up with the changing times, instead of the earthen oven, it is the sanjha gas that the Shekhawati women are sharing today. There are many advantages of a sanjha gas facility.