They Are Converting Rural India Into Entrepreneurs And Skilled Employees

From providing various skills and training to connecting the students with potential employers, TARA livelihood Academy is bridging the gap between the rural community and employment. From offering on-ground work experience to building capabilities and linkages for starting one's own enterprise, TLA is covering all grounds. Read more about their work.

Now Get Safer, Healthier, Pesticide-Free Food On Your Plate Without Burning A Hole In Your Pocket

Most of us hesitate in switching to organic food products mostly because they are not easily available and are costlier than their conventional counterparts. On the other hand, even farmers wish to avoid the hassle of getting organic certification due to its complexity and high cost. Safe Harvest has found a way to solve this dual issue by encouraging the use of pesticide-free food products that offer you a healthier and safer option at affordable prices. Find out more about their amazing work!
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This eToilet Is Changing The Way Public Sanitation Works In India

Many of us hesitate in using a public toilet because it is unclean and badly maintained. Girls miss school days every month and open defecation prevails. In spite of being in such an alarming state, sanitation is often ignored. Read how this self-cleaning, self-flushing and low maintenance eToilet is the future of sanitation and will change the way public toilets work in the country.

This IIT-ian’s Innovation Is Helping Cotton Farmers In Vidarbha Double Their Income!

When Kannan Lakshminarayan completed his engineering from IIT, he wanted to do something that could leave a positive impact in the rural sector. On seeing the plight of the small cotton farmers in Vidarbha, he came up with an idea to help them get an alternative source of income and increase their value proposition. He started Microspin Machine Works that in 3 years has doubled the revenue of many farmers by allowing them to also become producers of yarn! Read more to know about his brilliant idea and how he executed it with a little professional help.