Job: Junior Developer

Pollinate Energy

Improving the lives of India's urban poor.


Technology is a large portfolio to own and discharge one’s responsibilities, but there will be scope to get involved with other opportunities within the organisation, pending success in the priority areas outlined above.

Specific tasks will include, but are not limited to:

Salesforce Management

Overview of all processes being followed in Salesforce including those in the HR, Sales and Recruitment Applications

Data management practices of individual records and regular follow up with cities on data cleansing

Simple and complex enhancements on existing application to streamline processes being employed.

Reporting support to our Sales, Operations and Finance teams through monitoring and data analysis of sales, pollinators, communities, repayment rates, outstanding balances and other data deemed relevant.

Technology Strategy

Liaising with Head of Operations to create and finalize periodic feedback loops on technology usage and assessing knowledge gaps

Working with Head of Operations and HQ team to understand and develop high level strategies with regard to technology usage, budgeting, expenditure and outlining possible solutions

Training and Development

Facilitating comprehensive technology training for our new recruits (Salesforce, Asana, Gmail)

Carrying out refresher training sessions for staff on new developments and platform usage

Streamlining, managing and updating the Salesforce training manual for staff’s reference.

General Administration and Website Management

Setting up new accounts on all existing platforms (Salesforce, Asana, Gmail)

Managing file database system and streamlining ease of usage (Google Drive)

Administering the Pollinate Energy website through simple and complex enhancements and changes

Management of other platforms that transition data into Salesforce


2+ years in Salesforce development, including proficiency in the Apex and Visualforce coding languages.

Experience in website management, including WordPress, HTML, CSS and basic javascript

Data management and administration experience is desirable

High level technological strategy experience is desirable


Passion to work with people from low-income and low-skill backgrounds

Able to use technical systems, online communication and processes to get the job done across many regions

Results driven and capable of working autonomously in a small business environment

Excellent interpersonal skills

Fluent in written and spoken English a must, with one additional Indian language preferred (Kannada/Telugu and Hindi highly desirable)

Passion for social business, renewable energy and dedication to transform the lives of the poor


The chance to have a positive impact in the world. We have a vision of a world where all communities have equal access to life-changing products that improve their lives… you can help make that vision a reality. You will be working directly with the people who are most in need and you will be a part of changing their lives.

We care about our people. One of our five goals for our Vision 2020 is to be the #1 place to work and we’re not far off! We invest in the learning and development of our staff, and we guarantee you will never be bored and always feel challenged.

We are not just a team, we’re a family! We are a group of motivated, dynamic, collaborative leaders and we love working together. We value every voice, we want to be challenged, and we encourage you to experiment with new ideas and ways of working.