TBI Bulletin – Village Environmentalists+Network for Researchers+Non-invasive prenatal screening+More! (05.06.2012)

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1. These villages in Bihar don’t know what is World Environment Day and that it will be celebrated, mostly by drawing-room environmentalists in 5-star hotels. Nonetheless, they have been not only celebrating it unconsciously but also greening and enriching the Environment since 7 years. They did not cut trees for fuel or burn jungles to reclaim lands for farming. The self-taught discipline has earned them cool, soothing greenery and also a river.

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2. Singapore is one of the cleanest cities in the world because its citizens treat the entire city like their home! Perhaps taking a cue from such a fine philosophy, students from 54 schools in Cochin took a pledge to keep the city clean and to practice better waste management, as part the municipal campaign called ‘My City My Pride!’

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3. By creating an online network for bringing worldwide researchers together, Knimbus, a New Delhi-based organization seeks to provide them with a platform to access cutting-edge journals and network with people from their fields of study.

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4. Mukesh Kumar, a research scholar, is poised to revolutionise non-invasive prenatal screening. For this he has come up with eBiogen, a novel medical device conceptualised at Ventura, one of India’s biggest international business plan competitions organised by National Institute of Technology – Tiruchi.

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5. She is really street smart! Divya is a school topper despite living in a street with her grandmother and younger siblings. She is undeterred by traffic, all sorts of noise-pollution and street-fights by drunkards. She reads her lessons under the street lights and sometime with a torch-light!

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Compiled by Devdutt.

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