This Village in Maharashtra is Fighting Water Scarcity and Needs Your Help

Pimpaldhara in Yavatmal district of Maharashtra is one village where residents are becoming increasingly apprehensive about the water shortage for drinking as well as for crops.

Gajanan Khandare has built a small house in Pimpaldhara. He has a sweet family with a wife and four daughters. He doesn’t own any farmland and hence depends completely on the daily wages he receives after working as a labourer in other people’s farms.

Life is getting tougher with the increasing temperatures day by day.

Gajanan Kondwa Khandare with his wife Parvati Khandare and two out of the four daughters.

“For us, no work means no food! Due to water scarcity, people tend to do farming in small areas and they don’t need labourers for that,” says a fearful Gajanan.

The village has just two wells – one is used for farming and the other for drinking water and daily needs.

The village well used for drinking water is around 1 km far and is drying up.

But even these wells are drying up now.


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Much can be accomplished to ease the water scarcity issues in Pimpaldhara with a little help from you.

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The women in the village have to wake up before sunrise to walk almost a kilometre to reach a well and fetch water.

Even children have to help them in this task most of the time.


The villagers’ problems are only going to increase as temperatures continue to rise due to global warming.

The Shivprabha Charitable Trust of Pune has already started working in this village to ease the people’s water difficulties a little.

A hand operated borewell pump is in the process of being installed in the village.

Additionally, there are plans to install a 100 LPH water purification system.

The water hand pump installed recently in the village by Shivprabha Charitable Trust, Pune

Much can be accomplished to ease the water scarcity issues in Pimpaldhara with a little help from you. Your efforts can bring smiles to the faces of the residents of this small village in Maharashtra.


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Written by Manabi Katoch

Manabi Bacher Katoch is a mechanical engineer turned writer. She believes in changing lives with the power of writing. Follow her on Twitter @manabi5

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